Posted by: Rd. Funny Mustikasari Elita Wiranata | June 21, 2011

Remember of love

Still Remember (Jun 2011)

Rd. Funny Mustikasari Elita dan Maulina Zahwa

So long…but I m still remember…

remember of you…

Its hard to forget you…

you always in my heart

How to come out?

Your love likes a riverflow

Everything about you are so sweet…so tenderly…

You came to my senses life without invitation

That likes sunshine…so bright…so warm

And I would be love you forever till i died

Eventhought I never forgive you…

but I m holding you ever and ever

the beauty of love is awakening with pain…in the realtime

The secret of love bring me to another life

I dont know what I undergo

Where do I go without you?

I m following my heart with my pain…

May be i m broken heart…

But I tried to understand…

the glory of love needed sacrifice

stay with the stars my love…

then I can see you whenever i wanna do…

I wish you happy in your life…

with my tears…with my pray for every moment

Do you remember?…I m still love you

Your heaven are in my heart

And I’ve my heart

That’s the power of my life

with God blessing me forever



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